Business Mention

BusinessMention is a global business search company that connects millions of businesses with customers with the power of social media and online advertising. Business Mention monitors the web for any company's online presence. We monitor a business, brand, products and services for subscribed businesses. This helps maintaining relevant information online and assist in removing unwanted information online for subscribed businesses.

BusinessMention also provides search and analysis about the products and services through the contents generated by consumers, business owners, product and services reviews, social media discussions about the product and services. It aggregates the online user’s mentions about businesses and their relevant products and services. The BusinessMention listens to the online discussions that were generated by the consumers help for the business owners to calibrate their products and services. Business owners being part of these mentions will help consumers for better understanding of the business product and services. BusinessMention provides customized monthly data for the business as required. It allows business owners to easily track what people say about the business, products and services, calibrating the bad reviews and smartly acting for better marketing.

This product is an outcome of subject matter experts, software developers, researchers, and infrastructure engineers. With this in mind, we have developed products and services that are designed to support not only the business owners in running and growing their companies, but also provide correct customer reviews on those products and services so that it enables the right customers obtain the right products and services by reaching the right business and that enables the customer to reaches the best suitable products and services available in the market which will enable the high customer satisfaction.

BusinessMention is an entrusted partner of every business registered with us, we also undertake the responsibility of being the voice of every such businesses and their products and services. BusinessMention listens to the market and understand what people talk about the businesses, how do customers evaluate and compare the competitive products and services, understand the strengths and weakness and provide customer reviews as well as individual reports to the businesses. We achieve this by listening to them through various ways including online social medias, customer reviews and discussions, conduct polls about business and more.


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